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Gudao hentai Black or White- Mega man legends hentai Sailor Uniform

Hentai: Black or White

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A place where he could summon his fiend, bind them to him and pull them back into the real world where their powers would be beyond anything the world had endured in generations ,

Now all he had to do to take his rightful place in the world was to chant the incantation, each syllable needing to be spoken at exact intervals, in the correct tones, volumes, lengths, the inflection without flaw, He closed his eyes and let thought vacate his mind, the words so well rehearsed that they came as naturally as the act of breathing,

Everything was perfect and exactly as the book had detailed, the chalked lines the definition of precision on the designated aspen wood floor, stones and gems of varying origin expertly carved with runes long extinct from the world placed around the central circle, candles dotting each of many points, the wax of the candles infused with his own blood, the fire burning with a slightly greenish tinge, a sign things were as they should be

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